As it says to the left, I am Erica and as it says up there somewhere, this blog is all about Pinterest projects.  At least twice a week I will be experimenting with one recipe and one do-it-yourself pin found on Pinterest.  On weeks that I’m not feeling overwhelmed with other obligations (or I’m just trying to escape them) I’ll be throwing in a third that is hair and beauty related.

So why should my experience and opinions matter? First off, I’m not crafty.  Creative, yes, but when making crafts I won’t get very far without instructions or some sort of How-To.  Second, I’m no chef.  Anyone who knows me will tell you my specialties in the kitchen are instant mashed potatoes and Easy Mac.  Being that I’m 22 years of age and a soon-to-be graduate of Nicholls State University, I should probably change that. This is when I run to Pinterest for help.  I’m constantly repinning recipes and DIY projects to try but never have the time to do.  Then I find myself wondering, “Are these recipes REALLY that simple? Can you really make that adorable jewelry holder out of dollar store items?” Well, I’ve let my curiosity get the best of me and I’m here to see if all those posts you see on Pinterest really work.  And if I, Queen of the Kitchen & Crafts (please note the sarcasm there), can do it then I’m certain you could pull it off too.

I’ll be rating each project from 1 to 5 pins (see what I did there) based on difficulty and the result.  I hope you find this blog both helpful and entertaining and I am willing to take any suggestions on pins you’ve found!  Thanks for reading!