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Happy Monday!  I’m so excited to finally put this blog to use because I have officially finished my first project from Pinterest.  Last night a few friends and I had an Emmy party so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the Eggless Cookie Dough recipe for a girls’ night in.

One of my favorite things about this recipe is not only does it not involve an oven or mixer (or any type of kitchen ware I’m prone to hurt myself on) but it’s made with ingredients that are usually found in your kitchen already.  All you need is milk, brown sugar, butter, vanilla extract, salt, flour and of course chocolate chips!  It’s mixed all in a bowl with a spoon.  Simple as that.

There were a few moments of panic but most of that was due to impatience.  Here’s a few snapshots from each step listed on the recipe, which can be found from my pin on the link in the first paragraph.

Step one probably took the longest only because you have to mix a block of butter with brown sugar and it took a while for it to smooth out.  It started to look like real dough until I poured in the milk and vanilla in step three.  That was the first time I panicked a little because it was watered down and looked like bad oatmeal.  Then I remembered I still had to add in flour and once I stirred that in with the chocolate chips, it began to look edible again.

The recipe tells you to let the “dough” chill in the refrigerator but doesn’t say how long.  I had three girls and myself watch as I made this so after about 30 minutes in the refrigerator, none of us could wait any longer and we dug in.  Cue second moment of panic.  It didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t have the same texture as true cookie dough.  I could only have about three bites until it was too much.  I threw the leftovers back in the refrigerator and stole another bite an hour later and it tasted better.  So for future reference, I would let it chill for about an hour.

Overall, I give this recipe 4 pins out of 5. It works and is yummy, but let’s be honest, nothing can replace real cookie dough right out of the tube.