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Good morning!  It’s almost Friday which always puts me in a good mood so I woke up ready to blog and tell you how my second project for the week went.  A pin I’ve seen float around on Pinterest was DIY marble glassware so I decided to give this one a try.  Unfortunately, this one did not turn out as well as my first project.  Out of four glasses, only two turned out well enough to call a success.

The project was relatively cheap and most items used are likely to be found in most people’s homes, such as nail polish remover, tooth picks and a disposable plastic container.  You also need a variety of nail polish (the brighter the colors, the better) and a clear polish for coating.  I am a freak about nail polish and refused to use my nicer, expensive polishes for this project.  I just purchased cheap $2 polishes to use instead.  The only other thing you need are flat-bottomed glasses and painters tape.  In the original post showing how to make them, shot glasses were used.  When you live in a small town like myself, you’re limited to what can be found.  The instructions didn’t give specifics on size so I purchased four tumblers instead.  They were larger than your average shot glass, but they still had a flat bottom.

I layered the polish in the water as instructed, then swirled the colors with a tooth pick.  It didn’t matter how slow or fast I did this, almost each time I placed the bottom of the glass into the polish, the water would almost repel in spots on the glass leaving gaps (some bigger than others).  I tried using fewer colors thinking I was letting the polish sit in the water too long, but no such luck.  My nicer polishes didn’t make a difference either.  Even after cleaning the bottom of the glasses, the water still pushed the polish away from parts of the glass as shown below.

Another problem I came across was swirling the polish.  If you weren’t fast enough, the polish would begin to clump to the tooth pick instead of mixing in the water.  Because of this, I tried splattering the polish over the water instead.  That worked only once.  After trying all of this and even cleaning out the water each time, I gave up.

I gave this project 2 out of 5 pins because only two glasses came out decent, however they still looked nothing like the ones found on Pinterest.