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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians that stumble across this blog! This week my best friend, Aimee, is making her first of many appearances on my blog and we decided to try the no-sew pillow cover!  The directions from Pinterest are extremely straight forward and only use a few pictures and words but it’s so simple that that’s all you really need.  However I do have a couple of extra tips that the directions don’t suggest.

First, get your measurements right! The directions call for a piece of fabric three times as wide and twice as tall as the pillow.  Aimee and I sat in Hobby Lobby for about five minutes trying to figure out how much fabric we would need.  We probably looked silly but there is a reason I didn’t major in math, okay.  It also didn’t help that I forgot to see how big my pillow was before leaving to get the fabric.  Aimee knew her pillow was 16×16 so she bought a yard and a half.  I thought my pillow was a little bigger and bought two yards of fabric to be safe.  Turns out my pillow was also 16×16 but we learned that two yards makes for an easier knot than a yard and a half does.  So if your pillow is 16×16 save yourself the time and headache of mathematics and have two yards of your fabric cut!

Second, have an iron handy.  We ironed our fabrics to get the wrinkles out, but we also used the iron to flatten folds which made it a lot easier and neater.  Aimee and I both experimented with the fabric before hand and agreed the iron helped.

Aimee and I joked that this project was a waste of fabric because you could easily make two or three traditional pillow covers with the same amount of fabric.  Still, it’s worth the little money you’ll spend and I think the knot adds character to the pillow and it would probably be more difficult to do if this was something you would sew.

This project gets an easy 5 out of 5 pins.  It’s simple and is just as cute as the overpriced throw pillows I drool over in department stores.