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Happy Halloween! Yes, I know it’s been almost 24 hours since Halloween, but I got caught up yesterday taking my little cousins trick-or-treating and then ended my night with scary movies so I completely forgot to post this Pinterest project yesterday.  So for now we’ll just pretend it’s still Halloween.

My best friend Aimee is back on the blog this week and she is what I’m calling a “guest pinner” because I’m not responsible for the adorable pumpkin pretzels she made for her class yesterday.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me so instead of doing a DIY project this week, I watched Aimee make these while I was making the hot chocolate from my last post.

The recipe called for mini pretzels for the pumpkin shape, white chocolate chips, orange food coloring and shortening for the coating, and green M&M’s as the stems.  However, Aimee used Wilton Candy Melts in place of the of the white chocolate chips because they were already colored orange.  You still have to add the shortening to thin out the chocolate, but it works just the same!  Also, if you don’t feel like separating the green M&M’s from the bag, just buy the new mint M&M’s.  They’re amazing!
Once you have the chocolate melted properly, you just dunk the pretzel in it, place it on wax paper, then add the M&M’s at the top before the chocolate dries.  They can be packaged easily and would be cute for next year’s trick-or-treaters!
Aimee rated this one since she did the work and she gave it 4 pins because “even though the instructions were accurate, it really wasn’t anything spectacular.”

Have I mentioned she’s not as easily impressed as I am? 😉 She did get a lot of compliments on how cute they were though!