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It’s Wednesday!  Not as great as Friday, but close enough. This past weekend I explored outside of recipes and craft and tried a face mask from Pinterest, called the Miracle Mask.  Why, you ask?  Anyone who knew me before college knows that I didn’t go through that awkward acne phase in high school, but when I got to college that changed and I went into a panic. My stress level is always at an all-time high right around midterm week and I find myself fighting breakouts.  I usually just scrub my face with my usual cleansers and deal with it but thought I’d put this blog to use and try something from Pinterest.  I chose this mask for two reasons.

  1. It’s extremely easy.  There was no stove involved like others had and it only asks for three ingredients: nutmeg, honey and cinnamon.
  2. The ingredients are supposed to help calm and sooth stressed-out skin, a lot like mine.

While looking through all the different masks I found, I noticed different masks can do different things for your skin.  Nutmeg and honey act as an anti-inflammatory which is supposed to help with the redness and sooth acne scars.  The cinnamon and nutmeg also helps exfoliate the skin.  This was perfect for my skin now.

To make the mask you just mix the three ingredients with a spoon until it’s the consistency of a thick paste, then spread it on your face!  Take it from me, don’t try to be fancy and apply it to your face with a brush or the spoon.  Just use your hands.

Side note: I made Aimee get a little creative with her mask in light of Movember so she tried to do her best Max Talbot and James Neal Fu Manchu before spreading it on to the rest of her face!  Is it obvious we need this NHL lockout to end?
The mask is supposed to sit on your face for 30 minutes which got a little annoying about halfway through.  This isn’t the kind of mask that hardens so if you’re sitting up, it will slowly start to slide off your face.

The mask did help some, but was too sticky and messy to make me want to deal with it again, so I’m giving this one 3 out of 5 pins.