Oh, how I’ve neglected this blog and the few (but amazing) followers it gained during my fall semester of senior year. When I started this blog for a class, I enjoyed it so much that I had every intention of continuing it after my assignments were over (and earning an A in the class!). However I let my last semester get the best of me and found little time to do Pinterest projects… and when that little time was available, I usually chose to hide under my covers and dread whatever assignment or paper was due next instead. So with all that said, I am so sorry to keep all of you waiting or hopeless, but I am returning! I can’t promise I’ll be making my biweekly posts right away again, but I already have a few posts that I can promise will be coming soon: Homemade Pore Strips, How To Roll Sleeves, Braided Bun How-To and Pack 6 Days of Clothes in a Carry-On.

And also! Through Pinterest, I’ve not only found fun DIY projects or easy recipes, but the site is also great for finding store products to use or great places to shop, so I thought it would be great to also start reviewing those products or stores I’ve found through Pinterest as well! Stay tuned and thanks for sticking around 🙂