Pinterest helps frugal lifestyle

Pinterest has become one of the most used social networking sites within the past year with people creating digital cork-boards and categorizing them by their interest and hobbies.  It has become a central area for people to share their creativity and ideas.  While Pinterest is most commonly used as a place for ideas or inspiration, it can also be used as a tool for saving money and cutting down on expenses.

Crafts and do-it-yourself boards are two of the most common made categories on the site and is one of the funnest ways to save money if you are looking for artwork or any home decor.  Instead of buying expensive originals, Pinterest offers hundreds of ideas to create things for your home or even to give as gifts.  Those boards are also great places to find easy and stylish ways for organization and remodeling ideas that can save you lots of room in your budget.

graphicAnother easy way Pinterest can help you live more frugal is with new recipes on lots of easy and inexpensive meals. For those that spend too much money eating out, copy cat recipes of popular restaurants can be found too, keeping you from eating out as often. “At work, everyone would take turns buying Chili’s queso to snack on, and that’s something that definitely started to add up until I found recipe for it on Pinterest. Now we take turns making it for a fraction of the cost,” Meagan Breaux said.

Clothing is something girls usually feel they never have enough of and tend to spend lots of money on. With Pinterest, there are boards showing you how to buy pieces that you can easily mix and match. “Whenever I felt like I didn’t have anything new to wear, I would just buy new clothes. With Pinterest, I’ve learned how to piece together my clothes more, creating new outfits instead of buying a whole new wardrobe,” said Aimee Foret. You can also find tips on how to shop and dress for less, without looking cheap. With shopping, there are also lots of websites linked to Pinterest that offer coupons or best times to shop, depending on the products.

Maria Hitt shares ways to save money on cleaning products with the help of Pinterest.

Searching for ways to save money on Pinterest can be easy because of the search tool and organization of the boards, but some of the do-it-yourself projects can take time. However, it is no different from cutting out coupons or searching for the best prices. Saving money usually takes a bit of effort. Pinterest not only helps with that, it makes it a little more enjoyable with the boards and fun ideas.


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