Business Inspires Crafts

In 1992, Leslie Franks opened Baby It’s You, a successful children’s boutique, that would become an essential tool to her growing children’s accessory line, Kennedy Jane.
She started making accessories such as headbands, hair clips, bracelets and party hats eight years ago when she started to notice different things at market for her boutique.  “I used to make bows and jewelry for my girls and I just felt I was crafty enough to do my own things than buying from someone else,” Franks said.

Franks named the accessory line after her oldest granddaughter and with extensive research on supplies and materials, Kennedy Jane began to take form.  “There is no main supplier.  I’m on the computer all the time looking for different materials to use and get ideas.  I hit the craft stores too, looking for pieces to pick up and put together.”

Franks continued to make and sell her crafts while running her boutique until this summer when she decided to sell Baby It’s You.

When One Door Closes | Selling the Business
For 20 years, customers came into Baby It’s You and shared their happiest memories with Franks.  “One of my favorite things about the business were my customers and their life stories with their babies and grandbabies.  That experience was something special and something I will always cherish.”  Those experiences led to close friendships and even opportunities today with Kennedy Jane and selling Baby It’s You.

Annette Guidry, owner of Lil’ Sweet Pea’s Boutique, first met Leslie when she ordered her granddaughter’s bedding at Baby It’s You.  After opening her own children’s boutique, the two remained close friends and would sometimes even travel to market together.  Guidry eventually bought Baby It’s You this summer as an expansion to Lil’ Sweet Pea’s and carries Kennedy Jane accessories in her boutiques.  “Each piece is unique and the customers are always coming in looking for something different,” Guidry said of the line.

Another Door Opens
 | Continuing with Wholesale
Despite all the good memories and friendships that came out of owning Baby It’s You, Franks does not regret her decision to sell the business.  “I love what I do,”  she said, “it can be tedious and I’ll admit I have to get creative with some pieces depending on the fabrics I’m using.  Patience is important.”

However Kennedy Jane is not the only thing Franks has planned.  She also has a clothing line in the works that will appropriately be named after her youngest granddaughter, Violet.

Her time at Baby It’s You may be over, but her reputation in those 20 years will live on and help her with her future endeavors.  “Even though Leslie has moved on to another venture, I have no doubt she will be just as successful as her years with Baby It’s You and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for her,” said Lindsay Reilly, former customer and owner of Chicky Babe Creations.

Leslie Franks talks about the benefits of owning an at-home wholesale company versus a retail business.


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